The demand for food is becoming much greater than the farm-market route can supply: with local population growing by the day, and issues like inflation and ever-changing policies affecting of we source our food. We can no longer buy vegetables in the way that we used to—go-to ingredients are becoming more expensive and difficult to source.

We are an eating culture: food brings families and friends together, and is at the center of any gathering, large or intimate. Good Greens + Co. aims to not only be the number one source of quality produce in high-density areas, but also, to bring the neighborhood together—shaping an inclusive farming culture at the heart of community life.
We want our fellow Filipinos to eat well even in such trying times, which is why we are bringing an affordable and accessible avenue to source local ingredients, particularly vegetables, which are a staple in many everyday Filipino meals.

How they fill this gap is by bringing aeroponic farms directly in urban, high-density communities where they are able to serve the most number of people. They make consistently high-quality produce available literally 24/7, with a self-sustaining modern farm that produces vegetables like pechay, spinach, basil, and kangkong. They use aeroponic farming—an innovative way to plant fresh greens without needing soil and massive patches of land. Automated aeroponic farming uses mineral nutrient solutions in mist. Because of the absence of soil, aeroponic farms are able to build up, instead of horizontally, thereby needing less space. This allows them to grow vegetables practically anywhere.

We aim to give you farm-fresh produce at price points cheaper than what you can find in a market or a grocery store. Our roster of vegetables are everyday greens, those that Filipinos use in a variety of home-cooked dishes, as compared to high-value vegetables that don’t naturally belong in your meals.

We are currently testing our first vertical farm in Taguig, with vegetables ready to be bought by early next year.