Good Greens & Co. aims to bring farm fresh, high-quality produce into urban communities

We acknowledge the rising prices of vegetables and the importance of being able to put food on the table in Filipino homes. Through hydroponic and aeroponic farming, we can build vertical farms directly in the communities that need it the most. By cutting out the middlemen in the farm-to-table process, we are able to provide consistently fresh and high-quality produce at lower prices, giving you a chance to enjoy everyday greens without breaking the bank.

The company was founded on the belief that farming no longer needs massive fields and hard labor to be able to produce vegetables. We are able to mix day-to-day technology with farming, making it easily done almost anywhere and by anyone. One of our goals is to change the mindset on traditional farming, and bring its sensibilities into the future.

We’re made up of people who are just passionate about what they do. We’re made up of entrepreneurs from different fields who believe that farming can be done by anyone.


Our mission is to reduce the long and difficult process of getting farm fresh produce into homes. By creating farms in communities that need it the most, we fill the gap within the farming industry that makes it difficult to get it to consumers.

We aim to alleviate the worry of being able to put good quality food into Filipino homes by providing a new, affordable avenue of sourcing food directly in the heart of communities that need it the most. We want to change the local mindset that high-quality produce is expensive and is limited to only what local grocery stores can provide